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Earth Science 118
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5184
F. 403.284-0074

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These links connect you to the appropriate sections of the Faculty of Graduate Studies website related to these topics. All Graduate Students should make themselves familiar with the Faculty of Graduate Studies rules and guidelines.


The Gallagher Library of Geoscience
Earth Sciences 180, University of Calgary

The MacKimmie Library
MacKimmie Library Tower and Block, University of Calgary

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Programs of interest in the Calgary area

Other Burgess Shale Sites:

- Dr. Andrew Macrae's Burgess Shale site.
- The (US) National Museum of Natural History Burgess Shale pages. (Smithsonian Institution)

Related Conferences

  • GeoSciEd IV: Earth Science for the Global Community, August 10-14, 2003
  • Second Joint IAH-CNC and CGS Groundwater Specialty Conference, Sept16-19, 2001
  • Western Intercollegiate Undergraduate Geology Conference January 2000
  • Computational Methods in Water Resources June 2000
  • International Conference on the Carboniferous and Permian August 1999