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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Bachelor of Science, Honours (B.Sc. Hon.) degrees offered by the Department of Geoscience are:


  • B.Sc. Geology (GLGY-MAJ)
  • B.Sc. Geology - Petroleum Geology Concentration (GLGY-MAJ / PGLG-CON)
  • B.Sc. Applied and Environmental Geology (APEG-MAJ)


  • B.Sc. Geophysics (GOPH-MAJ)


Please note the Changes to the Geology & Geophysics Programs for 2017-18

The program information provided on this website is taken from the University of Calgary Calendar. In the event of errors, omissions or discrepancies of any sort, the information contained in the Calendar will be ultimately deemed correct.

Geoscience programs are governed by a combination of Faculty of Science and Department regulations. Students are strongly urged to consult the Faculty of Science regulation sections. Although Degree Navigator can be used to ensure that program requirements are being met, students are strongly urged to consult the Department in each year of their program.


Students may be directly admitted into one of four programs: Geology, Geology (Petroleum Geology Concentration), Applied and Environmental Geology or Geophysics. Please refer to the Admissions section of the University Calendar for more information, or contact the Registrar’s Office.

The Department of Geoscience also offers Minors in either Geology or Geophysics. For information on admission or program requirements, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Honours and First Class Honours

Degrees with Honours recognize outstanding academic achievement and are awarded in two classes: Honours and First Class Honours. For Honours, a minimum GPA of 3.30 (B+ average) over the past 15 FCE is required. A First Class Honours designation requires a GPA of a least 3.60 (A- average) over the last 15 FCE. Additional requirements can be found in the Faculty of Science and Department of Geoscience sections in the Calendar. Students may apply to an Honours Program at any time; however, a student who fails to maintain the necessary performance standards or decides not to continue in an Honours program may transfer to a Major program.