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News Archive - July 2014

New study suggests that any kind of dinosaur could have feathers, not just birds

Assistant Professor Darla Zelenitsky agrees, “This discovery suggests that feathers became a useful tool early on in dinosaur evolution, whether it was for camouflage, display or insulation...” Read more here.

 Geoscientist helps NASA bring asteroid sample back to Earth

Alan Hildebrand to lead the science team that’s supplying a laser mapper for the mission. 
Read more on UToday.

 OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission will use Canadian 3D technology

Canada is about to build technology that will be used to map an asteroid in 3D using lasers on an upcoming space mission. The Canadian scientific team for the mission will be led by Alan Hildebrand at the University of Calgary. Read more

Teaching and learning event explores using case studies in classroom

Visiting academic and editor Douglas Allchin examines teaching strategy with participants. Read more on UToday!