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News Archive - October 2013

Nitrogen fertilizer remains in soils and leaks towards groundwater for decades, researchers find

UToday  October 22, 2013

By Mark Lowey
Nitrogen fertilizer applied to crops lingers in the soil and leaks out as nitrate for decades towards groundwater – “much longer than previously thought,” scientists in France and at the University of Calgary say in a new study.

Thirty years after synthetic nitrogen (N) fertilizer had been applied to crops in 1982, about 15 per cent of the fertilizer N still remained in soil organic matter, the scientists found. 

After three decades, approximately 10 per cent of the fertilizer N had seeped through the soil towards the groundwater and will continue to leak in low amounts for at least another 50 years.

The study was led by researcher Mathieu Sebilo at the Université Pierre et Marie Currie in Paris, France, and by Bernhard Mayer in the Department of Geoscience, and included several research organizations in France.

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Preview: Royal Society energy debate tonight at University of Calgary

UToday  October 17, 2013

Three Royal Society of Canada fellows at the University of Calgary will debate one of the most important topics facing our cities: energy use.

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Symposium brings together innovators of Calgary 

UToday  October 17, 2013

The University of Calgary and the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation were proud to co-host the Celebration of Innovation Symposium. Health, Energy and Innovation: Are There Unexpected Synergies? This thought-provoking question guided discussion among symposium participants when they met Tuesday at the Energy Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) building. The symposium brought together recognized innovators in Calgary to explore the cross-sector synergies and learnings that can benefit the health and energy sectors. The symposium featured two keynote speakers, Marc Strous and Mark Blackwell.

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Killam Scholars demonstrate excellence in intellect and character 

Kohei Tanaka PhD student with Darla Zelenitsky is awarded a Second Year Honorary Scholarships.  Read more on UToday

Dr. Darla Zelenitsky and Kohei Tanaka discover fossils exposed by Alberta floods

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Dinosaur brought to life using 3D animation 

by: Sean Willett Production Editor of the Gauntlet

In 2012 a team of paleontologists, including University of Calgary professor Dr. Darla Zelenitsky, discovered the first fossil evidence of feathered dinosaurs in North America. The discovery was also notable for being the first evidence that Ornithomimus edmonticus — a lithe therapod dinosaur that resembled modern ostriches — had both feathers and primitive wing-like structures called pennibrachia.

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