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News Archive - March 2013

Geoscience grads ‘get their rings’ at time-honored ceremony

UToday HomeMarch 28, 2013  By Jennifer Allford

From left: graduating geoscience students Danijela Mikulic, Lynsey McKinnon and Danielle Kondla show off the Earth Rings they received at a ceremony March 23. Photo courtesy Lynsey McKinnon About 400 people turned out last Saturday for the annual Earth Ring Ceremony for students graduating from the Department of Geoscience.

The ceremony — where senior earth scientists welcome graduating geologists and geophysicists into the profession — was first held in Alberta in 1975 and has since spread to other provinces across the country.


Dinosaur-era climate change study suggests reasons for turtle disappearance

Phys Org March 13, 2013

Annie Quinney, a former M.Sc. student in Geoscience, and supervisor Dr. Darla Zelenitsky recently published on dinosaur-era habitat and climate change in Alberta. Quinney is now attending Monash University in a Ph.D. program on full scholarship.

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University receives $2.9 million from federal government for four researchers

UToday HomeMarch 15, 2013

The federal government announced today that four faculty members at the University of Calgary have been awarded the prestigious Canada Research Chair grant, including one researcher who will receive multi-year funding from the program for the first time.

Faculty of Medicine researcher Aaron Goodarzi is a new recipient of the Canada Research Chair in Genome Damage and Instability Disease. Canada Research Chair funding was also renewed for Deborah Marshall, Derek McKay, both from the Faculty of Medicine, and Masaki Hayashi, from the Faculty of Science.


2012 CSEG Special Commendation Award

The CSEG Special Commendation award is given to an individual who, in the unanimous opinion of the Honours and Awards Committee and the Executive Committee, has made a significant contribution to the CSEG, the public and/or the industry as a whole.

Citation by Jon Downton

Laurence “Larry” Lines is one of the CSEG’s best known members, and has been repeatedly honoured and recognised for his achievements in industry and academia, and for his professional service contributions. Some highlights include being the Head, Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Calgary, Editor for the SEG’s Geophysics journal, SEG Distinguished Lecturer, and President of the SEG in 2008-2009. Larry and various co-authors have garnered several Best Paper awards over the years. It could be said that he has acted as one of the main flag bearers of Canadian geophysics, raising the profile of the CSEG and its members south of the border. Significantly, he has served as an inspiration for numerous students both at Memorial University and the U of C.

Putting those notable achievements aside, today Larry is being recognised for a very specific and valuable contribution. In 2010 he proposed to the CSEG executive that the CSEG Journal be restarted as an electronic publication.  The original Journal had gone on hiatus after 1999 as a cost cutting measure during tough economic times.  As a consequence of this the society no longer published a peer reviewed publication. Larry voiced a growing sentiment that there needed to be a peer reviewed journal focusing on Canadian exploration geophysics. He argued that by publishing online, the CSEG could create a high quality publication but still do it in a cost effective manner. He made a persuasive argument and as one last enticement even volunteered to serve as Editor.  The executive voted in favour of his proposal and now three years later the Journal is a going concern, with Larry still serving as Editor. 

Having access again to their own peer reviewed journal has proven to be a valuable and popular benefit for CSEG members. It is thanks to Larry’s efforts that we have a Journal again, and this CSEG Special Commendation Award is a modest token of the society’s appreciation.  The award was designed for people like him, ones who can identify a need or service the society can provide, initiate action to make it happen and then volunteer their time to ensure its success.  With this award we honour a talented and hardworking individual.  On behalf of the CSEG and all of its members, Larry, we would like to thank you for all your contributions to the CSEG.