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News Archive - June 2013

What made Arctic climate change 280 million years ago?

UToday HomeJune 28, 2013

For the past 30 years, Benoit Beauchamp — former executive director of the Arctic Institute of North Americaand currently a professor in the Department of Geoscience — has packed his bags in the summertime to venture north and uncover the mysteries of the Arctic’s mountains.

Beauchamp, who led major field expeditions for the Geological Survey of Canada until 2004, now oversees a unique Arctic Geoscience program run at the University of Calgary.

Read more on UToday! 

Darla Zelenitsky comments on Chemistry World Magazine

Dr. Darla Zelenitsky comments on the feather color patterning in the earliest bird, Archaeopteryx, in the Royal Society's Chemistry World Magazine.

Follow this link to article on ChemistryWorld

Steve Kim receives Honourable Mention at GeoConvention 2013

Steve Kim has received the Honourable Mention Student Geophysical Poster Presentation at GeoConvention 2013 for his poster entitled "Exact, linear and non-linear AVO in terms of poroelastic parameters", which was co-authored by Kris Innanen. Congratulations, Steve.

Masaki Hayashi receives funding to study climate change

Masaki Hayashi and three other University of Calgary researchers have been awarded funding from the new Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) initiative administered by NSERC. Dr. Hayashi will study the effects of climate change on alpine water resources. Read more...

Helen Isaac awarded Best Geophysical Poster at GeoConvention 2013

Helen Isaac, research scientist with CREWES and CMC, has been awarded the Best Geophysical Poster Presentation at GeoConvention 2013.  Her poster was entitled "Analysis of the Low Frequency Content of Seismic Data Acquired During an Experiment at Hussar, Alberta, Canada" and was co-authored by Gary Margrave, Monika Deviat and Pam Nagarajappa. Congratulation to all the recipients.