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News Archive - August 2013

Dr. Darla Zelenitsky advises NAIT student on dinosaur documentary production

Last year, assistant professor Darla Zelenitsky was part of a team that discovered the first evidence of feathered dinosaurs in North America. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology digital media student Kristen Jacobs, with Dr. Zelenitsky's help, is bringing one of these dinosaurs, Ornithomimus edmonticus, to life in 3D animation for an upcoming documentary.

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August 31, 2013

In Memoriam

Len Hills, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geoscience Campus flag at half-mast today.

Dr Leonard Hills

Geophysics students investigate Calgary flood history 

UToday HomeAugust 29, 2013

The University of Calgary is holding its first ever urban field school in Calgary and aspiring geophysicists will use their skills to help Calgarians better understand the flood history of the Bow River.

Run by the Department of Geoscience’s professor Don Lawton, associate professors Kris Innanen and Adam Pidlisecky, as well research staff, the two-week field program is examining the geologic record to help uncover useful information concerning past changes in the river caused by historic floods. By better understanding previous floods, it’s hoped the effects of future floods can be predicted. 


A tribute to Dr. Leonard (Len) Hills

Dr. Len Hills, professor emeritus and one of the founding fathers of the Department of Geoscience, passed away in Calgary on August 4, 2013. Hills started teaching at the University of Calgary in July 1966, retiring in August 1996.

After retirement, Hills continued to participate in the department and university, and was often seen mixing with both undergraduate and graduate students from various departments, and young faculty from the Department of Geoscience.

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In memorium: Dr. Leonard V. Hills

The Department of Geoscience regrets to announce that our distinguished long-time Emeritus Professor Leonard V Hills passed away on August 4, 2013.  Len touched many people in many different ways.  He has been a mentor to generations of students. 

Dr. Hills enjoyed a long and illustrious career and was awarded the Order of the University of Calgary in 2003 for his distinguished service to the University.  Read more >> 

August 6

Expert says Canada must invest in research to emerge as an energy superpower

Canada needs to get its act together if it wishes to be an energy superpower in the decades to come.

That's the stark warning from University of Calgary professor Steve Larter, a leading international expert in the location and formation of heavy oil.

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