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News Archive - April 2013

University receives $1 million from Alberta Innovates-Energy and Environment Solutions to research drinking water

UToday HomeApril 30, 2013 

Three University of Calgary researchers – David Hall, Masaki Hayashi and Bernhard Mayer – have been awarded funding from Alberta Innovates-Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES) for projects exploring water quality and the sustainable management of groundwater.

“I’m very excited about the work done by our University of Calgary professors whose research will help mitigate negative environmental impacts on groundwater and manage potential risks associated with contamination of water,” says Ed McCauley, University of Calgary vice-president (research).  Read more...

Dinosaur egg study supports evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs

UToday HomeApril 18, 2013 

Fossil eggs reveal how Troodon dinosaur likely hatched its young

A small, bird-like North American dinosaur incubated its eggs in a similar way to brooding birds – bolstering the evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs, researchers at the University of Calgary and Montana State University study have found.

Among the many mysteries paleontologists have tried to uncover is how dinosaurs hatched their young. Was it in eggs completely buried in nest materials, like crocodiles? Or was it in eggs in open or non-covered nests, like brooding birds?

Using egg clutches found in Alberta and Montana, researchers Darla Zelenitsky at the University of Calgary and David Varricchio at Montana State University closely examined the shells of fossil eggs from a small meat-eating dinosaur called Troodon.  Read more...

Academic excellence at core of Geoscience Annual Award Ceremony

UToday HomeApril 8, 2013  By Marie-Helene Thibeault

More than half a million dollars in bursaries and prizes were awarded on April 3 as part of the Department of Geoscience’s annual Award Ceremony held in MacEwan Hall.

Attended by some 120 guests representing students, family members, professors, donors, corporate partners and alumni, the event was emceed by department head Charles Henderson. 

Henderson kicked off the ceremony by reminding guests of the evening’s importance in “allowing us to celebrate and recognize the significant contributions made by our students, faculty members, staff, and to recognize and thank our donors.”