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Earth Science 118
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5184
F. 403.284-0074

Cost of Living & Housing

Housing, including board, for single students is available in University dormitories based on single room and shared double room occupancies. There are a number of one, two, and three bedroom townhouses, including utilities, major appliances and parking for married students. Apartments are also available within easy access to the University. For more information on on-campus housing, consult the web-page of Residence Services:

Food and clothing costs are comparable with those found in other major North American urban centres.

The current tuition fees are on the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ website:

All international students are required to pay a differential fee of 100% of the tuition fees.  The department will pay 65% of the tuition differential for 2015-16 but is not guaranteed for future years.