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International Students

International Students should refer to the Handbook for information on

  • Checklist
  • Preparing to Come to Canada
  • Housing
  • New Student Orientation
  • When you arrive in Canada
  • When you arrive at the University of Calgary
  • Campus Map

 The Faculty of Graduate Studies also has information on

  • Costs for International Students
  • Living In Calgary
  • Visas and Permits

 Before applying, make sure to check the International Requirements for Admission for each country from which you received degrees.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Why Go Abroad?

The University of Calgary is proud of its international reputation as a provider of excellent educational opportunities for its students. Among these opportunities is the chance to internationalize your degree, and your future career, by engaging in one of the programs offered through the Center for International Students and Study Abroad.

Employers increasingly look for the adaptability, independence, global and cultural awareness and communication skills acquired by students involved in experiences abroad.

Experiences abroad can take many forms, including group study programs, individual study programs, internships, practicum, volunteering and working abroad. While the Center for International Students and Study Abroad's programs focus more closely on undergraduates, opportunities also exist for graduate students. Read more at the Center for International Students and Study Abroad.