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Making an Expense Claim

Expense Reports are accessed under the Employee Self Service option menu. There is also a Travel and Expenses option on the main menu; however, this is not where you should go to create an expense report.  If you do, you will receive an error that indicates “You are not authorized …”.

If you have changed your bank or bank accounts, please inform Accounts Payable as well as Payroll to ensure your information is updated in all systems.

If you encounter a red flag when you check for errors, the flag indicates that there is an error in that LINE, not necessarily just in the cell that is red.

FAQ for Expenses

What should I put in the General Ledger Chartfields?

  • The Departmental operating budget, use "10"
  • Fund - If the expense is to be recovered from a research account, use "60"
  • Dept - This is the code that is assigned to each department
  • Internal - This is a description that applies to a specific activity. Not every transaction will use an internal.
  • Project - Designates a research or trust project (e.g. RTXXXXXX, OPXXXXXX, SPXXXXXX). When filling in the Project details, you will be asked for an Activity. This represents further subproject detail. If you have no Activity detail, then use the following: 00000

How do I know what chartfield values to use?

  • If the expense is to be recovered from a research or trust account, contact the trust holder