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Rental Vehicles


All drivers of 15 passenger vans must complete daily driver's log/inspection reports.  View all University of Calgary requirements for 15 passenger vans here.

Renting a Vehicle
Department of Geoscience
revised July 17, 2014


WITHIN CANADA AND THE U.S. the University of Calgary insurance program includes:

  • collision and theft of Rented Automobile insurance up to a value of $60,000. University insurance does not include Rented Automobiles that are used for recreational purposes. Under this policy there is currently a $1,000 deductible, which will be the responsiblity of the department or trustholder.

For further information on rental vehicle insurance please visit:

The following are options you may choose to take to minimize your losses due to collisions and other events:

Renting from local contract vender (DISCOUNT), via University/Discount DIAL system. For further information on renting vehicles in Calgary please see

Note: We have been advised not to purchase any additional insurabce. You or your grant will charged for repairs or the deductible, which ever is less.

Currently the contract supplier of rental vehicles is Discount Car and Truck Rentals of Calgary. To rent a vehicle from Discount (Department of Geoscience only), you should complete this form and contact Edel Toher, AFTER reviewing this document and links.

You MUST make your reservation request by E-MAIL or in person in the Main Office (ES-118). STUDENTS must have their ADVISOR'S APPROVAL.

To DRIVE a University vehicle, you must be an AUTHORIZED DRIVER. Electronic authorization is now required. Go to: and look under FORMS. Use for the authorizing e-mail. Requirements for driving seem to change regularly, please be prepared for paper forms and delays.  Drivers must be over 21 years of age and hole a valid class 5 license (no learners or graduated license).

With sufficient notice (minimum 1 business day) Discount will leave the vehicle in Lot 12. During normal business hours, the driver will leave the keys and paperwork in the Main Office. There are no weekend pickups or dropoffs. If you need a vehicle for early Monday morning, the vehicle will be dropped off on Friday and you will be required to pay for two extra days.  If you are done with the vehicle on Saturday or Sunday, the vehicle will be picked up on Monday and you must pay for the extra days.  

Discount will retrieve vehicles with the reverse process but from Lot 55 at west campus, immediately north of the Physical Plant Building (nine minute walk from Earth Science).

*Important: If you are renting a vehicle for longer than 30 days, contact Lynne Maillet for instructions for insurance. Long term rentals, where the additional insurance is actually more than the University deductible ($1000) are usually ordered with no additional coverage added. The renter is then responsible for the deductible in the event of an accident.

Renting from any vender, outside of Calgary (locations in Canada, USA, Europe etc.)

1. Use a credit card that has additional coverage for rental vehicles when the card is used to rent a passenger vehicle. Please check with your credit card company for specific information on that coverage. This usually only allows protection for the person whose name is on the credit card and for one vehicle at a time. Such cover typically only applies to 'regular passenger vehicles' and not to trucks, 4x4s or large capacity vans. NOTE: This option does not apply to rentals done through the Purchase Requisition system for Discount Car and Truck Rentals in Calgary.

2. Purchase the "Collision Damage Waiver", the "Loss Damage Waiver" or the "Personal Accident Insurance" from the Rental Agency. The cost for this coverage varies from one rental agency to another. However it is a claimable expense.

Driving a Rented or University-Owned Vehicle

You must complete a driver Authorization before driving a university rented or owned vehicle. To DRIVE a University vehicle, you must be an AUTHORIZED DRIVER. Authorization is only available through an on-line form. Go to: and look under FORMS. Use for the authorizing e-mail. Follow the instructions, and be sure to return to Lynne Maillet the signed information release for for the insurance company. You must complete both the on-line form and the information release before driving.

Note: there is now a minimum three year period before a new driver has a Class 5 drivers licence:
Year One: Class 7 (Learners): may NOT drive University vehicles
Year two and three: Probationary Licence: may NOT drive University vehicles
After two years and a second test a Class 5 licence is earned: may drive University vehicles

Requirements for driving seem to change regularly, please be prepared for paper forms and delays. PLAN AHEAD!


Insurance and Citations

Your vehicle is insured by the University, providing you are using it for University business. See the Risk Management page for complete insurance information. NOTE HOWEVER: The renter's share of the deductible is $1000 per accident. The account used to rent a vehicle will be charged with the deductible! If you are ever in doubt about extra insurance - buy it! It is important that you be familiar with, and follow, the University insurance requirements. If you have rented a vehicle directly with any vender regardless of location, you are responsible for the deductible up to $1000. With certain vehicle and certain agencies you can not buy down the CDW to $zero. Be an aware consumer - ask questions and make conservative choices.

*Important: If you are renting a vehicle for longer than 30 days, contact Lynne Maillet. Traffic citations and parking ticket invoices will be sent directly from the rental company to the individual who rented the vehicle. You are responsible for these charges - they may not be charged to any account, research or otherwise. Multi-Nova tickets will be the responsibilty of the individual researcher if the driver cannot be determined.  Multi-Nova tickests issued to vehicles driven for field school are the responsiblity of the instructor of record if the driver cannot be determined. 

Windshield damage, tire repairs and paint chips which are not the result of a collision are the responsibility of the renter and invoices will be sent to them directly from the rental company. Many of these damages are covered by the CDW, however, the CDW has very specific LIMITATIONS and YOU are responsible for READING the rental CONTRACT to know what they are! We have a special rider for driving off-road, however this must be done responsibly.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the person/department renting the vehicle to do an inspection of the vehicle when the Rental Agency gives you the keys. If you do not do an inspection of the vehicle and note any deficiencies before you use the vehicle, you could be invoiced for these deficiencies later by the Rental Agency (i.e. windshield chips).

All motor vehicle collisions including incidents of "hit and run" and vandalism must be reported to Campus Security and to the Rental Agency, NO MATTER HOW MINOR. All collisions resulting in injury, death, or damages exceeding $1000 or resulting from a "hit and run" must be reported to the police immediately. You will be required to provide a copy of the rental agreement, the police report (if applicable), the particulars about the accident including the University driver and the other drivers information to Campus Security at the time of the report. Risk Management & Operations will contact you directly when they receive the Campus Security report. DEDUCTIBLE APPLIES.

Vandalism - all rental vehicle vandalism must be reported to Campus Security and to the Rental Company. DEDUCTIBLE APPLIES.

Theft from Rental Vehicles - theft of University of Calgary property from rental vehicles must be reported to Campus Security. DEDUCTIBLE TO DEPARTMENTS: $2500, depending on the type of equipment stolen and its location at the time of theft.

NOTE: Personal property of employees and students is not covered by University insurance.

Further information on the Rental Automobile program, including guidelines for renting, who can drive, what is covered/not covered by the University policy, and deductibles can be obtained on our web site at: and look under RENTAL AUTOMOBILES.

Further information on property insurance can be found at: and look under PROPERTY INSURANCE.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Risk Management.

Parking On Campus

The Parking Office will allow you to park vehicles in Lot 12 without charge FOR 48 HOURS AS LONG AS THE RENTAL VEHICLE HAS A DISCOUNT 'HANG-TAG" ON THE REAR-VIEW MIRROR or A DISCOUNT STICKER ON THE BUMPER.

Vehicle Breakdown

If you have mechanical problems with rented or University owned vehicles, you are authorized to do what is necessary to get the vehicle back into service.  

  • Contact the manufacturer's assistance telephone number on the vehicle or with the vehicle documents
  • Contact Discount at 403.220.1244
  • Contact local service

Despite carrying the name of a multinational company, the vehicles we rent in Calgary belong to a local franchise. Only that franchise will be willing to assist you with vehicle repairs, beyond very simple help. Thus your broken van from Calgary can not be switched for a working one in Winnipeg or Salt Lake City. The local vendor will rent you a replacement and coordinate (maybe) repairs of the Calgary unit. They do not want you to take one of their vehicles across the country, or into another country without returning it.

Other Terms

The use of your rental vehicle is covered by Discount's usual policies and procedures. These cover all the normal things, such as returning with a full fuel tank, interior cleaning, parking tickets, photo-radar speeding tickets, sheet metal and glass damage etc.


If you are renting a van and do not need all the seats, remove the seat(s) and store them in a secure laboratory. Remember to return the seat with the vehicle!